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March 02, 2010



You're back!! YAY!!!


Where you BEEN! I want you to first go back to that bastard who sold you the wig and see if he's still in business.


Looking forward to however you re-imagine / re-invent the blog!

Erin G

Whee! I'll tell you where she been: first she poo-poo'd Twitter, and then she signed on "just to see what all the fuss is about", did the require technology grumble for approximately TWO days...and promptly fell in love with it and didn't look back. Uh-HUH.


Annie: Thank you!

TheQueen: The company went out of business! Man, that guy was an asshole.

David: Thanks - I'm looking forward to it, too. :)

Erin: I KNOW. A lot sure did happen for me on Twitter, didn't it?


I'm going to try and post a comment *again* since it didn't work yesterday. SUPER EXCITED the blog is coming back! YAY!!! And? Was also super excited when you *finally* decided to give the Twitter a chance. Good things, good things indeed :)


I just figured you were really busy.

Carol Blymire

About fucking time.


Yay! I missed you!


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