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February 28, 2009



Sorry to hear about Ripley (and the rest of your '09). I had the same hopes of a better year, but so far...notsomuch.


I've been checking daily, but didn't want to post the futile "you still alive?" comment.
Glad you're safe from the blowout incident.


Glad to hear you're still kicking. Happy belated birthday, Ripley.

Erin G.

Sorry 'bout Ripley -- but glad you stopped in to say HI!


Ditto what Trasherati said. I'm glad you're still alive and kicking and causing a ruckus. Sorry about Ripley's tantrum, but, having survived the TT's, I can honestly say it will get better... Until she's a tween. And then, no one will raise an eyebrow when you replace her. :)


you should totally do a follow up post titled: "I'm Still Not Dead". Just sayin'.

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