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November 10, 2008



I thought that was you at first glance. Great photo with fab dresses. Loves it.


I don't see much resemblance. Um, hair color?


You have the same eyebrows.


yeah- it's pretty much limited to the hair color, adn even that is debatable.

Ellen Bloom

Yeah, Mom and her friend look cute, but what is that interesting looking piece of Pineapple/Palm Tree Wall Art?

Erin G.

Yep -- eyebrows. Her nose might as well be from a different universe, compared to you.

I LOVE the dresses. I would wear either one.


HOLY CRAP. Your mom bears a *strong* resemblance to my mom in her younger days!!! We even had that wooden pineapple art(?) thingie, except we had a PAIR!!!

Mayhaps we were switched at birth? Okay, given my advanced age, probably not...

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