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November 18, 2008



There are brilliant recaps of all the books here: (link goes to the first book, and there is a link to the next at the bottom).


I simply love everything about Edward. The way the author describes him makes the school girl in me melt. If it wasn't for that I probably would have stopped at book #1.

Laurie Ann

Hmmm...Why did I love the Twilight books (don't throw things at me)...
First, I have no problem with the good vampire who drinks animal blood and helps humans. Afterall, Angel did it. I liked that she didn't go with the traditional vampire lore and allowed them to come out in sunlight. I even (again, don't hit me) liked the sparkle idea. And, like S said, she just made Edward seem dreamy. I really liked the first one. I enjoyed the second one. Unlike some, I found those blank pages with just the months on them a powerful representation of the emptiness Bella was feeling. I was less enthused with the third book, but still enjoyed it.
However, after three books of "he's so perfect, with his bronze colored hair. What could he possibly see in me?" crap, I wanted to say "Lunch, you stupid bitch. Go with Jacob and shut up." And really, bronze hair? Just say auburn or chestnut. No one describes hair as bronze--ad nauseum.

Book Four was atrocious. I don't know if I had waited too long between books or what, but I laughed and was so annoyed I actually threw it across the room at one point. I only finished it so I could discuss it with my 13 year old niece.

All that being said, read those recaps that compare it to LDS doctrine, because they are hilarious and pretty much dead on.


I'm with you - I don't like the idea of the twilight books, probably b/c it took me *so long* to get on the Anne Rice bandwagon and then I was SUCH a fan, I figure everything else is vampire lite (although I did like early Buffy and Angel). These guys just seem so over-the-top trendy. Like, vampires are not allowed to wear shirts under their leather jackets? And what is up with the OBVIOUS wig?!

That having been said, one of my good friends is WAY into the series (dragged in kicking & screaming by her teenage daughter), but then again, she has a "Palin Power" sticker on her car...


Nope. Just read the first one. Trash. The sparkling thing got me too. Bella is just a rag. Not. Good.

Erin G.


I am a fan of Alan Ball's "True Blood" on HBO...and that's about all the vampire I can take for right now. I didn't even want to watch this show -- I was so scared of vampires when I was little that I couldn't fall asleep unless my neck was covered. And now I'm an adult and I can't sleep unless my neck is covered. And do I let my husband kiss me on the neck? Hell to the No. My husband started watching "True Blood" a few months ago. I refused to watch at first, but hearing all the funny lines from the next room over? Well, it sucked me in. IT SUCKED ME IN. (Gah!)


I just read the first book a couple of weeks ago. I didn't hate it like I was expecting to, but it's certainly not the greatest! series! evar! either. All the hype about it annoys me more than the story itself.


I'm avoiding the series. For one thing, it's set in Forks, which is near my home town, so they'd probably make me homesick. Besides, I read a couple excerpts and I don't think she's that great a writer. And finally? Dude. If they can go out in the sun, they're not vampires. Sheesh. I was skeptical about Blade and the sunscreen thing, but this is just a step too far. And yes, the sun does shine in Forks. At least once a year.


I love the Twilight books but it was only recently (this summer) that I read them. I'll admit that I was *almost* 2/3 of the way through the first one before I liked it. I loved the second one, the third one was ok and the fourth one was fine but #2 was definitely my fave. I like them for various reasons but one is that they're not your typical vampire lore so that makes them kind of interesting.

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