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November 09, 2008



Yes I did the big MC 2 years ago for the very first time and actually did the entire 10 days!

But I will NEVER do it that way again.

(I did blog about it here: If you can't read it since you have to be logged in, then I can e-mail you the entries.

I do still do it, but a VERY abbreviated version, where I may fast for 2-3 days ONLY eat something really light at dinner (now switched it to lunch) that is vegetran friendly only and then drink the tea at night, and I MUST do the SWF in the morning so I won't be miserable all day at work......

E-mail if you want more info about my persona experience.

I do like it and recommend it but NOT the full 10 day version (as others will even tell you to go longer!!!) That way just wasn't for me.

It is a great way to "Reset" or CLEANSE your body so I use the formula but just in a different manner.

Wish you well in your lemonading!! :o) (fyi do NOT squeeze freakin lemons! I only do the organic lemon juice now and it works just as well!!!)


I work at a hospital and once asked a colo-rectal surgeon about it. He said he loved the colon cleanse programs because they were great for business... folks always seem to need surgery when they're done. Apparently it wreaks havoc on your body. I would recommend trying something less drastic.

Alinea at Home

I tried to do it, but was in so much pain after just 6 hours, I couldn't follow through. My doctor actually yelled at me about it. Says it's one of the worst, most stupid and damaging things you can do to you body.

Ellen Bloom

Natalie's (woolanthrope) done the MC a few should definitely ask her about it.

Erin G.

Crazy, much? Please tell me you are considering this AFTER the holidays...and not planning to forego all sorts of delicious yumminess of communal office treats. Because I can give you the whole "I wanna reset" thing (if you must), but doing it now? THAT is insane.

Account Deleted

Count me on the side of the skeptics. (And I've done Atkins; I know from wacky diets.) I have a hard time believing your body needs this sort of hard-core punishment to 'reset' itself.

If you're feeling tired, listless, headache-y or otherwise in need of a reset, try this: Take a do-nothing three-day weekend someplace isolated (I favor camping for this - even car camping works). Bring fruit, cheese, water and nothing else. Bring half as much food as you think you need, and spend your days walking around with no goals, munching simple foods. Photograph trees. Usually your head can benefit from a reset far more than your body, and I'm pretty sure three days of fresh outdoor air and no stress are better for you than lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.


I haven't tried this one yet, but I can't imagine I would get through it. I think it would be too intense for me and I would be very cranky all the time.

I have done a very light cleanse called "First Cleanse". I didn't notice any benefit from it, and I don't think I would do it again.

I know a few people who have done the "Wild Rose Cleanse" it's pretty restrictive in what you can and can't eat, but it's not a complete fast. When I was at the health food store though, the guy said that I shouldn't try that as my first cleanse, as it's quite harsh. I'll have to work up to it.

Good luck in whatever you decide!


Don't do it!

Your body is pretty smart. It doesn't need maple syrup and cayenne pepper to make it function better. Every legitimate doctor (who doesn't have a financial reason to endorse this) has said these cleanses are at best worthless, and at worst, dangerous.

If you want to feel better, I'd follow Grant's advice—eat simple, non-processed foods, and eat less of them.

Check out this story one of my coworkers wrote about the negligible value of detox diets:


Oh! I was totally obsessed with doing this awhile ago -- despite that the only person I know who ever did it was a total wackjob who never lost any weight on it and looked totally terrible all the time - but I decided it seemed too extreme. So what I did was, for like a week, cut out all processed foods (okay, I still had the occasional Diet Coke) and cut out most white flour and sugar and cut way down on dairy. It wasn't terribly hard, because I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and lean meats anyway, but I felt like 100% better. I don't think I could go full-on Gwyneth Paltrow with NO sugar, flour or dairy because I would die, but cutting WAY ASS BACK on it make a huge difference in the way I felt.


My take on it.

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