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November 25, 2008



that was a shithead move.


good god, what is the matter with people? not even an apology? what a putz.

the monkey-waiter thing was awesome, though. the monkey would never be so rude.


That is amazing! Now I really have to visit Japan....

Oh, and if you ever need a last-minute backup sushi eating friend, call me! Seriously! :)


That is so rude on so many levels, it just makes my head spin. GAH.


Cool monkeys!

I can't believe that you knew the person he broke plans with you over and they didn't say hey lets go here instead. That sucks. Hugs!


Ugh! That's awful! Some people...!

We'll have to bond over our Storm learning curves. I'm still feeling my way around it.


That's so rude! I can't believe he did that to you. I think he owes you BIG TIME!


Maybe you should ask the monkeys out for least they have better manners!


P.S. I "stole" the monkey video for my blog!

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