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November 26, 2008



Dude, I HATE that kind of obliviousness. I've jettisoned most of those friends. The rest I keep in the larder, heavily salted and ready for long pork on a moments notice.


I can't really follow up my husband's comment, but I had to say SOMETHING in a show of solidarity.

Laurie Ann

I think the fact that he doesn't have the balls to call you but responds via Facebook and expects you to be cool with that is the worst part. How did you meet this jerk?


oslowe: Good call on the larder. I'll have to remember it.

Annika: Your comment in support of your husband's comment pleases me immensely.

Laurie Ann: I've known him for over 10 years. We met in school. He's always been the friend who gets away with murder and everyone excuses his behavior with 'Oh, he's just being ___," which I HATE. No, it's NOT okay to be a total dick to your friends. I excused me when I was young and stupid because I was, well, young and stupid, but now I have bigger things on my plate with which to concern myself than him and his idiocy.


Whoops - I meant 'I excused his behavior,' not 'me.' Sigh.

Christina Jee

Just plain rude and flippantly disrespectful. More than likely this dude will NEVER. get. it. NEXT! Continue to be your vibrant, beautiful, and authentic self.

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