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September 28, 2008


Laurie Ann

Not only is he a douche, he's raising his son to be a douche. Thanks Phil, for averting that critical douche shortage our nation has been heading toward.

Erin G.

I second Laurie Ann's comment. Parenting is BEING. Kids learn waaaay more from what their parents do rather than what they say.

The fact that he has to even ASK if it was unethical? Says alot.


Yeah, seriously. How did he not know that that was wrong? How do you reach adulthood without someone mentioning at some point that lying is unethical? Jeez. Also, duh.


A little off topic, but how awesome is the word "asshat"?


It was I who sent in the article. In reality, no one really heard me and my wife quickly corrected me audibly. It was clearly a joke at the time. I sent it in for humor value. I love the column and thought it would be funny. I agree with all of your comments if I had really gone that route.

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