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July 18, 2008



It'll probably be all done by the time you read this but I had Lasik about 10 years ago. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm totally pleased. I was extremely nearsigthted and had a prescription of -11 in one eye and -7 in the other. I love wearing regular sunglasses and being able to see while swimming, etc. I had the mono-vision procedure but if you get both eyes done the same then I'd vote to do that. Mono-vision is a bit strange because one eye is for close vision and the other is for distance vision. Good Luck!


Very exciting! I've had a number of friends get it done and all of them LOVE it.


Yep, my brother did it, and has nothing but praise for the whole thing. Mazel tov! It'll be awesome.


I agree with Luv2stitch. I got mine done about 9 1/2 years ago, the best doctor and staff EVER, and have had NO negative side effects. They said to have it done on a friday b/c there might be a day or two with blurred vision, but there was NONE. No halos, no dark spots, nuthin.

No regrets. Best of luck to you, but I'm sure you're not gonna need it!


Best of luck/hope everything went well. Has worn glasses since the womb (or at least it feels that way) so I have serious anti-corrective-lens envy right now.

Erin G.

I'm blind as a bat and terrified to have a laser so close to my eye! More power to ya, Sass. Freddie has encouraged me to consider it (...he has natural 20/20 vision. And I mean, really, still seeing perfectly at the age of 42? ...who gets that kind of genetic luck?!)

The only other "procedure" I have ever had was getting my wisdom teeth out -- at least they put you OUT for that! I'm very nervous about doing LASIK!


Good luck with the lasik, it rocks. I enjoy your blog. I stumbled upon this today and thought you might appreciate it with your new sight:

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