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June 27, 2008


French Laundry at Home

The thong tan line and lyrics to "Happy Birthday" were two of the great moments of the evening for sure. People don't believe me when I tell them that this is in my top 10 shows of all time.... he was phenomenal.

OH!!! You forgot to mention FanClubChick's ill-fitting denim halter top? Had the Playboy logo on it. AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Laurie Ann

What? You didn't poke fun at Hawaiian Tan Lady's Sharpei belly? Isn't the point of a halter so that you DON'T have to wear a bra? And my her butt crack starts low.

Also, the HB lyrics are priceless. Did they actually sing?


I'm with LA - the firs thing I thought was "Halter top = no bra". I had a hard time concentrating after that.

But it sounds like you had a fantastic time and that's what really matters. And I don't care if he's gay straight or non, and even if I will never in a gazillion years even lay eyes on him in person, and even if I did he would notice me no more than Simon Cowell did today when he walked by me at work, and even if he did, he's still FORTY-FIVE, I'd do him in a hot minute.

That is all.

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