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May 20, 2008



This is the whole reason TiVo was invented! I can't remember the last time I watchd a commercial.


She doesn't even look like she lost that much weight, just changed her clothes. Jeez.

I do hate both commercials, really I do, but I have to confess that the first thing I noticed about my husband's new car was the absence of cupholders. OMG I'm so girly! I better run out and catch a football RIGHT NOW!


I was just complaining about that NutriSystem ad! I HATE IT. She's all like, "so I got real fat." YOU DIDN'T. YOU HAD A BABY. YOU ASSHOLE.

Ellen Bloom

I can't stand that Burger King (or is it Carl's) where the guy and girl are sitting in some stadium bleachers eating chili burgers and the guy has chili ALL OVER HIS FACE. Disgusting. It does NOT make me want one of those burgers!!!!


Any number of commercials piss the heck out of me - including ALL the Caddy commercials in this latest campaign; the 24-hr fitness chick who calls her trainer to tell him "I'm PRETTY!"; anything to do with feminine hygeine (I know what's out there, it hasn't changed much in the 30+ years I've been buying, and I don't need to watch it with my child/husband/johnny depp); ALL THE FRICKING INDIANA JONES DVD COMMERCIALS NOW THAT YOU'VE RUINED THE THEME FOR ME; anything to do with prostate problems, penis problems, or peeing problems; ad nauseum. Virtually every commercial that comes on, I got something smart(assed) to say back to it. Believe me, I am *so* not their target market.

Which reminds me - I loves me some Target, I HATE their stupid commercials!!

Erin G.

Anything that degrades men as bumbling fools that don't know how to do anything without their "smart" wife or girlfriend showing them what's what (all while nodding her head like "ah, it's a good thing he's cute....")

That's so....DATED. You know?

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