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April 10, 2008



which begs the question - why were you watching Dawn of the Dead?!?! And even more frightening - EXERCISING. {{shudder}}


Heh. "flaming pile of screaming zombies" I love it.


How do the hearing impaired know what "cadaverous screaming" sounds like? Just curious.

For that matter, how do I know what it sounds like?


MG: I *love* the Dawn of the Dead remake! I could watch it every day. No joke. As for the exercising, I've gotten really into it. Don't ask. ;)

Dawn: I really think I need to make that my band name.

Laurie Ann: How would the hearing impaired know what the 'undead gnashing of teeth' sounds like, too? Who knows? I just love that the captioners had fun with it.

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