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March 03, 2008



ummm...are those berries on the bottom, like under a beef patty? I'm so confused.


In order from top to bottom:
- grilled pineapple
- blue cheese
- Angus beef patty
- cranberries
- black olives
- alfalfa sprouts

Everything's on a honey wheat bun, and roasted garlic aioli is in the little container.


Ooh, I may have to look into The Counter the next time I'm in Charlotte.


wow - that is quite the burger!

I mistook the olives for blueberries, but even with the olives - it's like nothing I've ever seen before! It does sound pretty good though.


There's one of these about 30 minutes from where I am. YAY! I'll have to go and check it out.


Uhm. . . the FRIES look good! Especially if they were topped with grilled pineapple, cranberries, alfalfa sprouts and a honey wheat bun.

Guess I kinda just outed myself, huh?

French Laundry at Home


That will be all.


Wow, i think you've even outdone my burger weirdness, when ordering at the Counter (one near my work in Palo Alto)!

Cranberries and olives I can't figure out, but kudos to you for making it interesting (and yummy, right?)


One is opening in Chicago this summer! I will go immediately!

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