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March 29, 2008


Laurie Ann

Solidarity, Sister! I am by your side all the way.

Erin G.

It's a sacrilege, I say, a SACRILEGE.




Okay, maybe that was a little too much caps-lock rage. But I still think this is a HORRIBLE idea. And you didn't even mention the part where they're replacing the rainforest with an "Up With America" room. Who's in charge of these revisions -- Dick Cheney???


In spirit? Yeah, I can manage to be there in spirit. Right with ya, babe, it's a stupid, stupid idea.


Did you know that they're doing away with the rainforest section so they can enlarge the "America" section. Fitting.


Why don't you go to Harbor Blvd really? Screw spirit.


I can't believe I didn't mention the whole "let's replace the rainforest with the Up With America room" bit! That just screams harmony and peace around the world, doesn't it? This is INSANE and worthy of being CAPS LOCK about it.

Linda: I couldn't be there in spirit as of this post's writing, but if Save the Small World has something cooking, I'll have to throw my hat in the ring.


It's a Small World is the only interesting thing at Disneyland left. Or was...


You probably shouldn't march on Harbor Blvd. I hear they're doing a sweep. . . :) KIDDING. I'm with you on the putrification of Small World. I'd march on Harbor, but I'd probably definitely get arrested.


I'm gonna play devil's advocate here. Maybe ride attendance was down?

Yes it's a trip down memory lane for those of us who go there as kids, but the ride is outdated. As was the submarine ride (now finding nemo).

Like the newly updated Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirate Island (formally Tom Sawyer Island) updates. It's a business decision to help with park and ride attendance.

When was the last time you went to Disneyland and just HAD TO RIDE Small World?

Maybe you would because the line wasn't that long. That's exactly what they are trying to fix.


Matt: I cannot address the issue of ride attendance since I am not privy to such numbers, but to answer your question, the last time I went on Small World was last November. And the time before that? Was in March. Both times were with my nieces, and we all LOVED IT. I would have loved it even without my nieces. (The ride is particularly wonderful during the holiday season.)

If memory serves, the wait was about 20-30 minutes long and the line was sizable, but it moved quickly because the boats hold such a high number of people. Judging from the giant section dedicated to stroller parking next to the entrance, it sure didn't look like its attendance was down by any means.

My turn: I do not agree with adding Disney characters to IaSW. The children of the world as depicted in the ride are characters with whom every child can relate. There's enough Disney character marketing throughout the park; this ride is of a different breed. It is not about selling more DVDs or action figures. It DOES NOT NEED IT. I for one will be damn pissed if the one Filipino girl I found in the ride is replaced with Lilo and Stitch.

Finally, would you say it was a good "business decision" to remove the rainforest section and add a tribute to America to a ride celebrating world kinship? I for one do not.


I had an annual pass to Disneyland for three years. I went to the park at least once a month, often more, and there was ALWAYS a line for It's A Small World, especially in the winter.

Moreover, I'm a strong believer in Walt Disney's vision of Disneyland as a place unto itself, not a tie-in for movies. We don't need merchandizing or cartoon characters to make the idea of being a pirate or visiting a haunted mansion or going to outer space magical. If anything, they detract from the fun, because the reminder of something tangible and commercial ruins the suspension of disbelief. There's a reason that character-themed rides were originally only in Fantasyland.

Finally, the ride was not created for Disneyland, but for the World's Fair. It's a piece of history, not to mention a work of art, and shouldn't be altered with.


Also, while the updates to the attractions are certainly business decisions, they're not intended to address park or ride attendance. They're designed to increase merchandizing and brand tie-ins.


Yeah, and as much as I stalk, I mean, ADORE Johnny Depp, particularly in his character as Jack Sparrow (CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow), I thought the addition of the look-a-likes (not) superfluous and insulting. Don't even get me started about the bastardization of the Haunted Mansion.

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