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February 15, 2008


Laurie Ann

Well, I was on the fence before, but you just sold me.


If you like truffle salt on your mac n' cheese, you must try this recipe: Truffle-Scented Mac & Cheese with Crisped Pancetta

It is to die for. Seriously.

Erin G.

I already adore you. You are divine.


One more reason to not like me - what is truffle salt?

Of course, ANYTHING with "salt" in the name has GOT to be good.


I'm with Monkey Gurrl - what the heck is truffle salt?


Before, I liked you. Now, I HATE YOU.

Seriously, what is truffle salt?

NY Upper East Side

What an attention jap whore. She's the type that would never have kids with her own race, she wants to be white so bad. She would never mix with her own kind.


Everyone except the last commenter: Truffle salt is a blend of sea salt and very finely chopped black truffles, which, if you are a fan of mushrooms, are God's gift to the fungus. It is extremely aromatic and makes everything taste SO much better. It can be a little pricey, but it's worth it. You don't need to use massive amounts of it anyway.

NY Upper East Side: I don't know what you're doing here, but YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

French Laundry at Home

Methinks NYUpperEastSide is talking to herself.
Poor dear......

I wonder what truffle salt would taste like on lightly sauteed leeks (which your boyfriend, Jamie, is cooking on the telly this morning).


I guess you're officially at the cool kids' table - you have a troll!


I'm glad I came back to learn me about some Truffle Salt. Not so much your troll's nasty personality. S/He made ME shudder!!


I'm so glad you told us what truffle salt was, caust I didn't know what truffles were...thanks for the info.

And...what a meanie!!!

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