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February 21, 2008



Seriously, Victorya is such a fucking bitch. The whole entire show she just made faces and rolled her eyes. She thinks she's so much better than everyone, but her collection at Fashion Week was so pedestrian.

I can't believe Carmen sassed Heidi for bringing up her NOT HAVING A GODDAMN SHIRT. SHE'S THE ONE WHO DIDN'T MAKE THE FUCKING SHIRT.



Ug, I agree on both points. Everyone else managed to have a sense of humor and understanding about themselves except these two. Especially Carmen. Damn, girl, chill out, it is not all about you.

I always kind of thought Victorya thought after week one that she totally had this thing in the bag and was just bitter that the others were able to pull out good stuff too.

French Laundry at Home

I wanted to pull Carmen's bad hairpiece off and kick her in the teeth, fucking crybaby. I hated her more than I hated Ricky ALL SEASON. And Victorya can suck it. I'd like to step on her neck.

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