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February 17, 2008



Good for you! Actually I started using my french press at home and it saves so much and my coffee is always the way I like it.

I made a vow about 7 years ago that i would only go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean if there were no other coffee shop around. Maybe you can try some of the great indie places on the westside (like Groundworks, best coffee in LA!) when you have the urge. Their specialty drinks are amazing (and the money you spend goes into both the community and to the farmers...)

Hope today goes by fast for you. It always feels strange working when others have holidays...


If you're using a gift card it doesn't count. I mean, its not *your* money you're spending.


I have 2 gift cards that I've been carrying around in my wallet for months. Both have about $10 left, which would buy me, mebbe, 2 lattes? But I don't drink coffee anymore. I thinking I should give them to friends that do, but they sure were handy when I unexpectedly had to leave town - Did you know Starbucks serves food, too?! And they are conveniently EVERYWHERE, even in lovely Lincoln, CA.

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