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January 08, 2008



I have no words, but another reason to hate American. Haaaate. Gah.

I'm glad you got your luggage back, and you best be sending them a letter. The response back will be underhwhelming (because they are ASSHOLES), but send it anyway.

Erin G

See? We haven't even discussed the initial KLM fiasco yet, and I can already tell: YOU WIN. My Varig frustrations do not hold a candle to your recent ordeal. Lord have mercy.


Yikes! I'm sorry - though not surprised - that AA was so completely worthless. Customer service is TOTALLY a thing of the past.


Hunny. I'm sorry. Funny, b/c I just saw on a blog (somewhere?) where the blogger advocated stealing AA's blankets, but DO NOT FLY AA!!! Of course, I haven't gone anywhere post-9/11, so what the heck do I know.

I'm glad you (and your baggages) made it home safely, albeit belatedly.

Dr. No

Remind me to tell you about my trip to Switzerland, wherein my bags did not make the same trip I did and I wore the same clothes for nearly 72 hours before they finally were delivered BY TRAIN. This came on the heels of ME almost not being delivered to Switzerland, but again: story for another time.

Anyway, I'm sorry, because that all SUCKS.


Aye carumba. This sounds so incredibly frustrating.

When airlines basically have a monopoly, they don't have to worry about customer service! Great for them, horrible for everyone else.


I'm so happy you got your luggage back! It's not just AA, my mom had the same problem on Delta when she flew out for the wedding (with carefully selected clothes, ring pillow, etc in her luggage). It wasn't until I decided to hunt down a local luggage manager-type person instead of the customer service rep that we were able to locate her luggage (which had been sitting at the airport for over 24 hours as well).

It really sucks not being able to carry on a larger piece of luggage these days -- I loved being able to just have one big backpack that I'd carry on with me when I traveled. Oh how I can't bear the new travel rules!

French Laundry at Home

It took my friend, Rich, a MONTH to get his bags from United. And that was a flight from LAX to Ft. Lauderdale.

You should do a consumer segment on it and go through the "how to protect your luggage when you travel" and just slam the fuck out of them.


I had a similar loss of luggage during the nightmare that was the summer of 2007, but yours is much more traumatic. At least they pretended to care about finding my one measly bag.

Dawn is right about the underwhelming response to complaints; the airline industry pretty much has us all over a barrel. The service stinks, and, short of traveling by boat, train or car, there is not a lot we can do about it.


I am so sorry! That's incredibly sucky. Donkey balls sucky.

My friend just returned from Germany for the holidays, and she flew British Airways. She was told her luggage went back to London on accident. The suitcase had her son's portable DVD player in it, her Grandma's diamond ring (since security made such a big effin deal about her bringing it in it's metal case in her carry-on at Heathrow airport) part of an expensive high chair, and other pricey things!

It's been over a week, and they still haven't located her bag, and have said they will reimburse her up to $1600.

But how on EARTH does that replace your grandma's diamond ring?

I'm scared to death to check anything in now! BUT, I hope your trip was good, other than the luggage fiasco!


Everyone: Thank you! I appreciate all the good thoughts. While I know it could have been much worse (as in, they could have LOST OUR BAGS - shudder to think), I feel safe in saying that it was one of the more traumatic travel experiences I have had, and I have traveled a lot.

This whole thing makes me want to do two things: 1) carry on my luggage no matter where I am going, or 2) look into those private luggage-shipping services that take your stuff from house to hotel and back again without it ever touching the airlines' stupid hands. It's not cheap, but if you can afford it, why not?

your ex

I believe it was American Airlines I was flying one year from Los Angeles to Miami and back.

They managed to separate my luggage from my flight going IN BOTH DIRECTIONS.

Each time I had to go back to the airport hours later and track the luggage down.

Good times.


Eye yi yi...note to self: Do not fly American. Message received!

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