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December 28, 2007



Have a blast!! Hope you get lots of knitting done too! ;o)

And be sure to share some of your pics too!


OOH and Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy (early) Birthday.

I knew there was a reason why we got along...mine is just a day later, on the 30th! I blog a Happy Birthday to me too!

Have a FABULOUS trip!

Dr. No

Happy birthday Catherine! Also: TAKE ME WITH YOU!


Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful vacation. I can't wait to see your photos and seethe with jealousy.


Happy happy, happy. Thank the gods for handknit warmness, and the eastern bloc for an excuse to wear 'em.

Watch out for any "wasko"s while you're out there - they are a devious bunch.


Happy birthday!!


Oh man, you're probably going to fly right over my house. Have a wonderful time! I haven't seen Budapest yet, but Prague is beautiful, beautiful.


Ooh, I spent my 27th b-day in Germany, it is somehow more exciting to get older in a foreign country!

Have a fantastic b-day and vacation!


Happy belated Birthday! Just wanna let you know, you've inspired me, I was content with scarves, but I randomly ran across your blog and now I want to learn and do all sorts of new stuff, I'm excited, Thank you!

Erin G.

It's Jan 6!! It's Jan 6!! welcome back -- thinking great airplanes thoughts for you and hoping you'll AT LEAST post a teaser picture until you get rested up!!

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