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June 12, 2007


Erin G.

I agree with your opinion the backless knit top. Yuck. There's a reason why she is photographed sideways with her arm covering her frontal bits! I dismiss this style out simply for modesty's sake. I am small-chested enough to go w/o a bra, but honestly, what if my nipples pop out? It doesn't seem to be knitted super tightly...and anyway, nobody needs to see the outline of "unsheathed" boobs. Ever. Let's not encourage that. (The razor cami is really cute, however, and I would layer it over a shelf-bra tank top with thin straps)


THANK YOU. I was beginning to think I was crazy, but when I looked at the patterns yesterday, I was appalled. So many of them were hideous and unflattering or just ridiculous. And I *knew* those pants looked familiar.

Do not even get me started on the sock patterns.


I agree. The ribbon-backed pattern would look cool if it weren't for the ribbons. I could totally see people having trouble with that one! Maybe they're just trying to have patterns that are 'edgy' and have instead fallen off of it?


I have to agree with you -- yuck. And a tank top made out of Silk garden? Do they know how itchy that would be? I have to wonder if many of our more established Knitty contributors are now too busy with book proposals/magazine submissions to bother submitting free patterns. I am underwhelmed by this issue. I think it's the first time I haven't found a single pattern I'd like to knit. Sigh.


Erin: I'm like you size-wise and can get away without wearing a bra, but I'm not about to walk around with my arms strategically placed so that nothing pops out in front or on the sides. Gah. And I would totally wear the Razor Cami with a solid cami underneath. :)

Gwen: [Redacted by author] And there are FOUR SOCK PATTERNS. For the SUMMER ISSUE. There are NO WORDS.

Katie: That ribbon-backed top is a joke. It looks like a basic rectangle with armhole openings and some ribbon tacked on. Ugh.

Sara: That is EXACTLY what I said about the top in Silk Garden! Hello, Itchy McScratchville. The front with the point over the navel is SOOOO early 2000s, and the design of the back is hideous. I don't even like the two kids' patterns in this edition. Everything is just wrong, wrong, wrong.



Huh. I don't *hate* the issue as much as y'all, but I was equally unimpressed. And totally wondering about the sock overload - was I missing something? Good to hear it wasn't just me.

Also, *love* that Razor Cami. Thanks much for the link!


I actually love having sock patterns for summer, because I want something small to knit. Who wants to schlep around a sweater in the heat? That said, I am thusfar underwhelmed by the specific patterns this time around. I really like the Unmentionables, so I guess I should check out Knit Two Together and see the capris.


I'm with you - usually an issue comes out and there's SOMETHING I have to cast-on right away. This issue? Na-da. Just the universe's way of supporting my Yarn Diet, I guess...Razor cami = fantastic; it's been on my list for ages. Let us know if you cast-on (and what you cast-on with).

Lee Juvan

I am the designer of the Unmentionables, and I must take exception to the comment that they are a "rip off" of the Witches Britches in K2together. I actually completed my design before that book was published. Unfortunately, the book appeared before my design did. As with lots of good ideas, they were developed independently of each other. I don't care if you don't like them, but I resent being accused of copyright infringement.


Lee: Thank you for commenting and for clarifying the time frame in which you wrote this pattern. You will see that I have edited my post. I wish you the best of luck in your designing endeavors.

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I agree. While I love knit tops, I am not a fan of the backless ones. A friend of mine actually knits her own tops and they are to die for. I will have to stick to her and the patterns she uses.

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