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March 05, 2007



Soooo cute!!!


Cute sweaters, cuter girls. I love Niece #1's shoes. I wish they made those for big girls.


Your nieces are so cute they make me want nieces! And to learn to knit.

Can I just be a dork and thank you for putting me in the People You Like Thing? Done, and done, then. :)

Erin G.

Rosy cheeks go VERY nicely with handmade sweaters!! They are lovely (the girls and the sweaters, both.)

Ellen Bloom

You are so right...the yarn colors compliment both of your adorable nieces!!! The sweaters look fabulous...nice work!


They look wonderful! So cute!!

Dr. No

Nieces = SO CUTE!


The sweaters are adorable, but the nieces are {insert appropriately over-the-top description here}. They are so FRIGGIN cute!!! Makes me wanna have more hapa babies!!


I wish I had cute nieces to knit for!

Laurie Ann

My nieces are too big...waahhhh! Yours are just right. And so cute, even the one with the large cranium.

gina L

You must be thrilled with the sweaters, they are adorable on the nieces. They are such dolls how can you resist not supplying them with fabulous handknits!


Thank you, guys! I'm really pleased with how the sweaters turned out. I can't highly recommend this yarn enough for kids' clothing: it's a wool/acrylic blend, making it machine washable, plus the colors are fantastic! And this pattern is beyond awesome - it's so easy.

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