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January 09, 2007




Diner Girl

I love The Counter... but not as much as I love Cora's in Santa Monica. Their huevos rancheros and strong coffee have cured many a hangover for me.


I didn't know it at the time, but The Counter is the actual reason why I moved to the westside. Now I suspect it may be your reason as well.


I love the food there, but I have to admit, because I am an old lady, the way you have to sort of lurk around for a table stresses me a bit -- mostly because I then feel guilty about lingering over my meal because other people are lurking for tables.


Hee. I know what you mean. Waiting areas are usually separate from dining areas in restaurants, so we don't actually see everyone who's waiting to eat. However, the Counter is just one big room, so you can't help but see everyone looking at you all, 'Oh my GOD are you DONE YET?! We're SO HUNGRY.'


See, I just don't care. If I'm not done I'm not done. If I feel like we've been sitting there too long post-meal, I'll say we should get up. I don't even pay attention to the people waiting. I had to wait, so you can too. Also, SUCK IT.


Yeah, it's so funny -- I am very conscious most places about people waiting and wanting to be courteous, and I've never even noticed it there, I think because the place is so crowded anyway, I don't give extra notice to people standing and waiting. Besides, we already did our waiting.

Ellen Bloom

I've always wanted to go to The Counter, but I could NEVER find a parking space within 3 blocks of the place! Maybe I'll try it on a Saturday at 2-ish sometime.

Hey, Catherine! Since we work near each other, we should meet for lunch someday! Let's discuss.


I don't care if I'm still eating, of course, and I don't rush my meal, but I don't feel comfortable just sitting there and chatting afterward, which I like to do sometimes. I have to say -- when I was there last week, the women at the counter (of The Counter) were kind of brusque to those of us who were ordering/waiting. I don't know. Maybe I went on an off-day!


Ooooh, I LOVE the Counter. I get my hair cut just down the street, and I always try to schedule it so I can grab lunch there afterwards. I do like going a bit later (2-4ish) to avoid the waits.

Also, I just read on Eater LA that there are plans for 95 (!!) new Counters nationwide. Crazy.


I'm a lurker, always drooling when you post pics from The just made my YEAR by letting us know they're expanding - drumroll, y'all - TO WASHINGTON DC.


Good LORD. I've never been to the Counter but now I must make a special trip, because that pic is just some awesome burger porn. Whoa.

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