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October 07, 2006



Oooh, I have everything crossed for you too!!! Good luck. Successful home offer vibes being sent your way!


Congratulations! Sending good thoughts your way.


I think the fact you said "I made an offer on a home yesterday!" instead of "I made an offer on a house yesterday!" says a lot. Hang on tight for the roller-coaster ride that is home buying. Best wishes!


This is fantastic news! Keep me in the loop.

Sending good vibes for the house and the Dodgers! (I think we can agree to remain neutral on football.)


Eeee!! So exciting! We need to get together and catch up -- I want to hear more!

Also, how much do I love that you now have a sidebar list of panda cams? So much.


Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it. I keep checking my cell phone to see if I've missed any calls from my agent, which I haven't, just so you know, but that's because she hasn't called me. YET.

Queen: Hee - I didn't even realize that I used the word "home" instead of "house" until you mentioned it, and I'm getting prepped for the home-buying process by buying a new box of pens. I hear there's a LOT of signing and initialing to do!

Jessica: Yes, we are in agreement about the football. ;)

Gwen: I'm so glad you noticed the panda cam list! You know how I feel about the pandas. :)

Will keep everyone posted!


That is awesome -- congrats! I bought my house nine years ago and it's the single greatest investment (personal and financial) I've ever made. Good for you!!!!!! Hope everything turns out the way you want it to!


Good luck with the house!



I sending good (late) wishes to you. Buying a home is scary and huge, but so, so worth it. Probably one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I've got my fingers crossed for you.

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