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February 16, 2006



that's so cool! Go Beanie of Justice!


Thanks, Anna!


That looks great! It doesn't look quite as good as the Chicken and Dumplings, but it looks damn good. And I think "go big or go home" will be my catchphrase this week...thanks.


I don't think anything I knit (and I mean all past, present and future projects) will ever look as good as the Chicken and Dumplings.

Dr. No

I think the beanie of justice looks simply smashing -- and while it MAY not look AS good as the chicken and dumplings, I don't think I'd wear the chicken and dumplings on my head, no matter HOW good they looked. So it's got a really strong point in its favor, there.




Fabulous! The Beanie of Justice looks smashing on you! It's not greedy at all to keep your first hat, especially if you then knit a second hat for your brother-in-law.


I will have to knit the BIL a hat that matches the scarf I made for him for Christmas - perfect!

And for my next project: Mel's gauntlets!


Congratulations on mastering so many new skillz! Don't cables make you feel like you could do anything? Aran sweaters? No problem!


You are SO right, Sara - I feel like nothing is beyond my reach now that I've tackled cables. Seriously. Bring on the twisty pretty goodness!


I would love to see your beanie of justice, but my computer will not load your pictures. Very sad!

Have you done a baby blanket yet? If so, what pattern did you use? I need to get started on a blanket for a May baby. Might not make it!


So sad that you can't see the pictures! I will have to e-mail you some, then. I'm very proud of the beanie.

I made one baby blanket about three years ago. I crocheted a hooded baby blanket pattern off of a Lion Brand label. I am currently surrounded by newborns and babies on the way so I want to make more, and am thinking of taking on the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the first SnB book. That, or I may try the Ugg-like baby booties and matching hat with earflaps from Knitty Gritty because they are SOOO cute.

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