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January 05, 2009



I am really glad to see this. I almost got hit numerous times by texting drivers in LA.


Thank God I can still surf the internet! Good job, bill makers!


Yay Allison. Boo Jen (nothing personal). Seriously. You would think that people could take a minute when driving and actually concentrate on the driving aspect (ELLEN! This means no knitting!!) It's a sad commentary that we have to legislate things that seem, to me, to be common sense. My biggest fear is that this will have absolutely no impact on the number of distracted drivers -- if not the cell phone, the radio, or the cup of coffee and a bagel, there will always be something else...


I was being facetious.


Honestly, I totally don't think reading a text while at a stop light is any more dangerous than fiddling with your iPod.

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