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May 13, 2008



Seriously, the awesomeness of this actually stuns me. I LOVE it!

I'm totally singing that at the theater.


I have a whole new respect for John Williams, that's for sure. (Am totally going to be singing this all day.)

laurie ann

I'm with Angie. I'll be singing it loud and proud, and I dare the pansies at the Arclight to shush me.


Oh, christ. I can just hear the Wee Monkeygurl singing that song. She loves herself some IJ.


Just so you know, I went out and knit at "lunch", and it turns out - the IJ theme is the same DANG rythm as my knit stitch!!! Duh-duh-duh-duh, duh-da-duh. Then the words were stuck in my head, which had me laughing - as I was sitting by myself knitting. People think I'm insane.


So...we saw the new Indy last weekend, and I felt that I should give you our adaptation of the lyrics...

- Subtitute "commies" for Nazis

AND, I've come up with a children's version that my kids and I CANNOT stop singing.

- substitute "flippin" or "freakin" for fucking and instead of the charming "bite my ballsack", the children sing, "kiss my hiney"...whatya think?


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