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December 12, 2007



Those bangs are totally cute - I say do it.


I think I'm going to use Posh wept as my new substitute for Jesus wept. :)


Yes! Do it! I love bangs and they look great on you.


I'm getting my hair cut next week and I've been seriously thinking of getting thicker bangs, all because of how amazing Sporty looked!


Definitely... go for those nice thick bangs. You certainly wear them well!

Ellen Bloom

Bangs are quite flattering and YOUTHFUL! Go for it,'ll look adorable!

French Laundry at Home

Do it -- I'm contemplating the Posh short bob that David had. I used to have my hair like that and I love it.


As a fellow bang-er, I say yes!


Everyone: Thanks! I can't wait for my appointment on Wednesday!

Angie: You should totally sub that in. ;)

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