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May 01, 2007



"You Give Love A Bad Name"
"Living On A Prayer"
"Bed of Roses"
"Never Say Goodbye"
"It's My Life"
and whoever gets voted off next could sing the extremely-meta "Blaze of Glory"


Who cares what they sing, as long as we get to see Jon Bon Jovi's pretty, pretty face. I actually may break my No-Idol rule and tune in to see The Jovi.

Dr. No

What dave said. Although, I kind of hope -- in a perverse way -- that LaKisha sings "Wanted Dead Or Alive". Because she's going to gospel the SHIT out of it, and that will be amusing.

Laurie Ann

I would have loved to have seen Sanjaya destroy "Livin' on a Prayer." I guess I'll wait to see who sings it tonight...because someone will.


I really hope someone sings "Always." I like that song, and I think maybe Jordin or Blake could rock it.

Chris will probably sing "It's My Life" and I really want Melinda to do "You Give Love A Bad Name." It's going to be super entertaining tonight.


I initially thought that Chris was going to sing Livin' on a Prayer, but then I totally pegged him for Never Say Goodbye, with Blake picking up the Livin' on a Prayer. Phil is hard to call, because I can see him singing Blaze of Glory or Wanted Dead or Alive OR he could whip out Bad Medicine. That would be awesome. And fitting, since he looks like he takes the chemo. I just want SOMEONE to sing Bad Medicine. Melinda will do an upbeat and rock it. I envision Jordin doing You Give Love a Bad Name. LaKisha? Who knows.

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