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October 02, 2006



Our TiVo thinks we are Gay Catholics. "Lives of the Saints" and stories of many boy's difficulties coming out.


Thanks, now I'm singing "Bakekang" and have been allll morning.

My TiVo thinks I'm African-American and keeps suggesting "Menace II Society," "Soul Food" and "Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1." I guess this is what happens when you have a season pass for "Flavor of Love."

Fla-vuh Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyv!


Okay I have no TIVO - I found you through TWOP and then hung around because you are a knittah. So you have no reason to trust me. However, if you like Sci Fi, it is imperative that you watch BG. There is a "recap" show on tonight - but the acting is so good and the writing is so sublime - I recommend Netflixing the DVD's and watch from the pilot. How can you NOT love a show with Mr. Olmos? Stellar, I am telling you, stellar. (From one 12 year old boy to another - at least as far as SF goes). I love ALMOST every character in this series, like a family. Sick, I know, but it has SUCKED ME IN!


My sister got us watching BSG, and now Rich & I are both hooked. Have DVDs, will let you borrow! TiVo records a lot of The Simpsons, MASH, and great BBC home improvement shows like Cash in the Attic, Changing Rooms, etc.


My TiVo also things I am gay. I mean, I love musicals and all, but it doesn't mean I want to watch every piece of programming on Logo. At least it no longer thinks I want to watch all Spanish language programming all the time. Or at any time really, since I don't speak Spanish. Donde esta el bano? OR DO I?

Jason Toney

Right now my Tivo gives me Arrested Development, Scrubs and Wanda at large reruns along with the occasional Angel or Buffy rerun. It also knows I refuse to subscribe to anything on E! so it records "The Soup" and "E! True Hollywood Story" episodes I might like with uncanny accuracy.

I've gotten fewer and fewer telenovelas as time has moved on and despite my best efforts, Tivo just refuses to suggest any late night skinimax for me to peruse in the wee hours of the morning.

Perhaps Tivo is protecting me from embarrassment when company comes over.


Hah. You high-falutin' kids and your 'spensive technology. You don't know what its like to be an old (poor) codger in this day and age. Why, when I want to catch a t.v. show, I have to actually WATCH it when it is on!

Nightstalker - I was happy to see your tivo recommended the *old school* show. Although I liked the recent incarnation (Stuart Townsend - YUMMMM!!!), I grew up loving me some Darren McGavin.


You MUST watch BSG. It is wonderful.

I turned my Tivo suggestion feature off years ago because I record way too much programming as it is, and I would never get around to watching any of it. This is what I get for taping that three hour 90210/Melrose Place block every day.


BSG is excellent, and I hate Sci Fi, truly and really. Other than Star Wars. But Star Wars doesn't really count.

Anyway. My TiVo solely records cooking shows for me. I mean, I like Food Network very much, but that's LITERALLY almost all it records. Maybe it wants me to cook more.

It used to record Asian soaps, which I appreciated in theory, although I couldn't understand them.


Whoa. I think maybe now I will have to try watching BSG. Unless that was a Jessica imposter.


I just checked my suggestions and my TiVo thought I might like to watch 'The Bells of St. Mary's.' You know, because I have a habit of watching Bing Crosby movies from 1945. Also? The Fabulous Life of Paris Hilton. I think my TiVo and I may be breaking up.

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