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June 15, 2006


Jason Toney

My sister is obsessed with this show and I watched about 4 of the performances last night.

Benji and Danielle and the last couple...Moussa and ?? were excellent.

Benji is totally the Clay Aiken of this competition.

The show itself needs help. There can't possibly be a more boring host or 3 more annoying and or inconsequential judges anywhere.

Nigel would be alright if he had two dynamic judges to work with. Mary whatsherface is horrible.


Do they have any fat boys dancing? The Queen Mother loves her some fat boys dancing.


LOL, yeah it sucked me in too!


See, I love me the Clay Aiken, which totally explains why I love Benji as well. He and Donyelle were all sorts of awesome. Love them!

Musa looked a little nervous but it was cool to see him samba it out towards the end. It also doesn't hurt that he kind of reminds me of Tyson Beckford.

I'd MUCH rather see Cat Deeley host than last year's host, Lauren Sanchez. I loathe her, and for many reasons which I cannot post here.

Mary's braying voice really bugs as does her Kitty Foreman laugh. She's not that great with the off-the-cuff comments. Major annoyance!

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