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April 28, 2006



I hate that teeth falling out dream! I have it too from time to time. It just feels so weird and kind of gross to keep having to spit out the teeth. Ick! How interesting that we have the same recurring dream though. :) Do you ever have the one where you can move stuff with your mind? I'm always a little bummed to wake up from that one.


You are the only other person I know who has the teeth falling out dream! Hee.

I haven't had a moving stuff with my mind dream, though. That sounds cool. I'd be bummed to wake up from that one as well.

Erin G.

CG -- were we separated at birth? I, too, have the teeth and the chasing. Argh! Crumble, crumble, run, run. Hate!


I've had the teeth dream too! Usually it's only one or two teeth though. The chasing dream smacks of fear of the unknown (not being able to see what's chasing you), as well as anxiety over pressures in life.

My odd dreams tend to be epic in scope - seemingly hours in length and with plots complex enough to span a movie trilogy. Wish I could remember the details when I wake up - I'm always left with echoes and impressions of the story, instead.


I had no idea so many others have had the teeth dream! EG - I believe we are separated at birth, if our similar recurring dreams and love of musicals are any indication.

Occasionally, I have dreams so vivid I believe I have woken up from them and continued on with my day, only to realize that I AM STILL DREAMING and HAVEN'T WOKEN UP YET. Very strange.


In my chase dreams, I am always being chased by zombies. The location of the chasing changes, as does the nationality of the zombies. My favorite zombies were the German ones. (Seriously, they are always different nationalities. I have no idea what that means. Am I subconsciously afraid of people from different countries?)


I have the teeth one all the time, and I usually get chased by people I know. Or rather, I seem to start running from them, and they keep trying to find me. I don't know what that says about me.


We had the teeth dream discussion at work years ago, and what we found on this brand-new "Internet" thing was that all teeth dreams are about children. Losing teeth=losing / not having children, swalling teeth = becoming pregnant. I found this valid since I has never had the teeth dream, ever. In nightmares, I'm not chased, I scream and only a tiny little sound comes out.

What if you had a nightmare you were being chased by teeth?


Jen, I don't know what that says about you, either. ;)

I've never heard of or had the swallowing teeth dream! Interesting. And if teeth were chasing me in a nightmare, I am sure it would be my subconscious telling me to book my annual dental check-up already, because I'm behind.


i too have had the teeth falling out dream and it does happen when i am feeling too overwhelmed with life and stuff..and the chase dreams. I used to have a recurring dream where I died in a car crash at age 36. That one freaks me out but I haven't had it in a while.

Ew...I'm still reeling from that nightmare i had..


I'm surprised I haven't had the teeth falling out dream lately, given that I've been feeling so overwhelmed and stressed for a while now.


Reading the comments reminds me of the other dream I hate - when I'm trying to scream and nothing comes out! I think that one freaks me out the most.

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